The best ways to make your Los Angeles pool more energy efficient

by Jul 2, 2019Energy Efficiency, Green, Residential, Service, Technology, Time, Upgrades0 comments

The best ways to make your Los Angeles pool more energy efficient

by Jul 2, 2019Energy Efficiency, Green, Residential, Service, Technology, Time, Upgrades0 comments

More people are looking to reduce their energy usage and lower their electric bill each month on their property. Homes that have pools consume a significant amount of energy in each season. Fortunately, there are several ways to make your pool more energy efficient by following a few tips.

Maintain the Pool

It’s important to hire a Los Angeles pool service company to provide regular maintenance of the feature on a consistent basis. This will allow the pump to continue to run well after the filter is cleaned on the pool. Skimming the water will also prevent the strainer baskets from easily becoming clogged due to leaves or debris that can accumulate for proper pool maintenance in Los Angeles.

Wash down the bottom and the sides of the pool to free debris that has accumulated, which will reduce how much pressure is placed on the filtration system to ensure that it doesn’t work too hard. You can also manually clean excess debris from the pump every so often to allow the water to stay clean and prevent build-up from occurring.

Add a Pool Timer

One of the most important steps that come with pool maintenance in Los Angeles is circulating the water, which can consume plenty of energy each day. Use a pool timer to shut off the pump when it’s not in use. You can schedule to run the pump at certain times of the day and for specific periods of time to ensure that the pool continues to be cleaned.

Avoid Overheating the Spa

Many people don’t realize that they can reduce their energy pool with their spa by only heating the water when it’s being used. Leaving the heater on can add up to hundreds of extra dollars annually, making it important to use it sparingly. Consider using the spa one to two times each week to lower the temperature by three degrees when the spa is unoccupied.

Use a Pool Cover

Hire a Los Angeles pool service company to install a pool cover that will work to reduce the amount of evaporation that occurs. You can choose a solar reflective cover that reflects UV rays or a sophisticated cover that will extend over the water at the touch of a button.

A windbreak can also be used to reduce the amount of water loss that occurs when the wind blows over the swimming pool each season. A windbreak looks similar to a screen that surrounds a tennis court and blends in well with the surrounding environment.

Choose the Right Pool Pump

Many pools have pumps that are too large, which can increase energy usage. Check with a pool expert to find a more energy-efficient model to determine the size of pump that is needed for your specific pool. Pumps that are older should be replaced with green pumps that are more effective and consume less energy while still circulating the water.

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