Proper chlorine techniques when servicing your Encino pool

by Nov 2, 2019Chemicals, Chlorine, Residential, Service, Swimming Pools0 comments

Proper chlorine techniques when servicing your Encino pool

by Nov 2, 2019Chemicals, Chlorine, Residential, Service, Swimming Pools0 comments

Chlorine and pH Levels will no longer be a concern of yours if you receive Professional Pool Service from Champion Pools.

Carefree swimming should be the reward of your hard work all week long for your family and guests. When stepping outside to the sweltering summer conditions, relief has to be the only thought in mind. Concerns like the water being safe or too strong to swim in should not even appear on the horizon when it comes to free time. An experienced pool service in Encino and the surrounding communities can take care of both the grunt work and science behind maintaining that perfect pool of water for your every day usage.

Chlorination Concerns

While making the water safe for you and your loved ones is a science, there are a multitude of factors that can change the conditions of your pool on a daily basis. Encino pool cleaning techniques by experienced professionals take into account the particular weather and drought factors in California. An abundance of solar radiation during the weak severely breaks down the liquid chlorine that homeowners add. A pool service in Encino prevents this from occurring by adding chlorine tablets between visits.

Tablets are not Drop and Forget Solutions

No one jumps in the pool with the intention of taking a healthy swig of the water but chlorine tablets decrease the likelihood of algae and other nasty microbes and bugs from proliferating in the water. However, it is not the stop and drop problem solver. For all their value, Encino pool cleaning professionals know the areas of concern to watch out for here. Ideal pH levels for a swimming pool has a range of 7.4-7.6 This comfort zone is kind not only to our eyes but the equipment we paid good money for. A potent pool not only gets us bloodshot eyes but actually starts to eat away at certain materials of the structure. Acidic water takes its toll on plaster surfaces as well as the machinery that pumps and circulates the water. This quiet solution that Chlorine tablets provides the pool owner can drastically reduce the life span of the entire system. The tiny investment for a pool service in Encino recoups itself by that extra season or two that the existing hardware gains from proper pH balance monitoring in conjunction with chlorine tablets.

Chlorine is just part of the necessary distractions of pool ownership. Skimming the surface, emptying filters, and general maintenance takes what should be a joy and transforms it to another household chore. Our Encino pool cleaning company knows all the particulars of the climate and environment in the surrounding areas. Invest not only in extending the life of your pool but liberating those precious free hours each and every weekend by availing yourself to the expertise of the professionals at Champion Pools today.

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