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Tips and Tricks for Proper Pool Maintenance to End the Summer

Anyone who owns a pool understands the importance of proper maintenance to keep the water clean and prevent damage that can occur due to neglect. Proper pool maintenance in Los Angeles is crucial at the end of the summer after the pool has been used frequently throughout the season. To improve the quality of your pool with Los Angeles pool maintenance, there are a few important steps to take.

Skim Excess Dirt with Your Hand
Dirt and debris can accumulate during the summer season with leaves that fall or blow into the yard. Skim the pool with your hand every three days to keep the water clean in-between professional cleanings with a company that you hire for Los Angeles pool maintenance. This will increase the circulation, which will make it easy to avoid using more chlorine in the water. Cleaning out the baskets each week will also reduce the amount of chlorine that is needed.

Schedule Regular Check-Ups
Schedule regular cleanings and check-ups with a professional company that performs pool maintenance in Los Angeles to ensure that the feature is cared for during the season. Hiring a pool service will allow you to find any areas on the pool that need attention to reduce the risk of damage that occurs. This will also increase the quality of the pool by using the right tools and techniques to perform a proper cleaning.

Maintain the pH Level
Use a testing kit to maintain the pH level of the pool to keep the water clean and safe enough to swim in for proper Los Angeles pool maintenance. Keep the water between 7.2 and 7.8 pH, which is safe to take a dip in and will also allow the water to remain sanitary with frequent use. You can test the water by using a strip to take a sample and then match it to a color chart to determine if you need to add extra chemicals to the pool.

Clean Out the Pool’s Filter
The filter on your home’s pool is used to trap dirt and particles that can accumulate. Clean out the filter after checking the pressure gauge, which should read between 10 to 15 psi. You’ll need to clean it when it reaches eight to 10 psi, but avoid cleaning it too frequently, which can hinder the filtration process over time and make your pool dirty due to a lack of pool maintenance in Los Angeles.

Repair Leaks
Leaks can develop from time to time on pools, which can cause the water levels to gradually become low. Find and repair the leaks by performing a bucket test, which is an easy DIY project. Cut half off the bucket off on the bottom and make a mark on the outside where the water level is before leaving the product in the pool for several days. You’ll know if you have a leak if the water dips below the line. You’ll need to contact a professional to repair the leak and reduce your water consumption on the property.