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Pool Service in Malibu

Sure, Tony Stark’s main digs in Iron Man consisted of a cliffhanging, jaw-dropping property in Malibu – but there’s a lot more that makes this historically-rich California seaside town quasi-legendary. For those residents of Malibu who don’t frequent the gorgeous, sun-kissed beaches all that often, you can bet credits to navy beans they own a sprawling, sparkling swimming pool…and when these folks need pool service in Malibu, they call on the experts at Champion Pools. Not only a local pool care company that cares about its clients, Champion Pools takes pool maintenance in Malibu to a whole different level with an array of services to satisfy the most hardcore of swimming enthusiasts. While you can call any pool cleaning company in Malibu, it’s only Champion Pools that puts the customer first by operating under a philosophy that “satisfaction matters” – with 15 years of experience as a pool cleaning company in Malibu, Champion Pools sets the bar in client gratification. Forget Googling “service a Malibu pool” or “Malibu pool treatment”…when you want the best, you want Champion Pools.


I switched a few months ago to Champion and the pool is cleaner, the service is better and they are a bit less expensive.  Great switch!

Cricket W.

Champion Pools is super professional, reliable, and responsive. The same guy, Eric, comes every week. He’s lovely and does a great job.

Rick S.

Contact Us Today for Your Pool Care Needs: (310) 993-7665

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