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Keep Your Santa Monica Pool Sparkling with Residential Pool Care Services

We all like taking a dip in sparkling blue water on a hot summer day. After the day’s hustles, you want to lose yourself in the swimming pool for the water to sooth away the strain and stress. But how do you ensure that the water in your pool is safe for swimming? There are a few ways to keep your pool clean and sparkling all year round. Proper care and maintenance from Champion Pools can save you from expensive repairs in the future. Here are some of the ways to keep your pool suitable for use:

Chemical Balance

The optimum chlorine and PH balance is imperative in pool water. Chlorine keeps the water crystal clear and kills the germs to keep the pool perfect for swimming. The balancing of chemicals is best handled by a professional as they know the perfect chemical combination to keep your pool in the condition that you wish it to stay. Consulting a Santa Monica pool cleaning expert should sort out your chemical balance issues.

Skim and Filter Regularly

A functional filter will catch the smaller particles in your pool keeping it clean and free of debris. Check regularly to ensure that the filter is not blocked and that it is functioning as it should. On the other hand, the larger leaves will not make it to the filter. You should, therefore, skim your pool regularly to ensure that any fallen leaf is removed before it decomposes and litters the pool. Once or twice a day should suffice depending on the surrounding landscape. Outdoor swimming pools are also prone to several enemies. There are falling insects, debris, and leaves. When not in use, you can cover your pool to keep it clean and reduce maintenance costs. If your filter fails to work properly even after cleaning it out, seek out the services of a Santa Monica pool cleaning professional to advise you on how to solve the matter.


Kids are taught to develop the proper habit of taking a shower before entering a swimming pool. This habit should be upheld even in adulthood. Most people do not feel the need to shower before swimming, but when you think about all the sweat from the day’s activities and other exposure, our skin is quite contaminated. Encourage guests to take a shower before they take a dip so as to ensure that anything on their skin is not left in the pool.

A swimming pool is a valuable asset to the household. It not only acts as the perfect summer buddy, but it’s also a recreational facility. It is possible to maintain your pool in great condition, but some of the complexities require the services of a professional. There are providers of pool service in Santa Monica that take care of your pool at a good price. Take advantage and get professional pool service in Santa Monica from Champion Pools to maintain a well cared for swimming pool.