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The Best Ways to Make Your Los Angeles Pool More Energy Efficient

More people are looking to reduce their energy usage and lower their electric bill each month on their property. Homes that have pools consume a significant amount of energy in each season. Fortunately, there are several ways to make your pool more energy efficient by following a few tips. Maintain the Pool It’s important to hire a Los Angeles pool service company to provide regular maintenance of the feature on a …Read More

How Champion Pool Service Will Save You Time and Improve Efficiency

The scene is set for a night of enchantment and merriment. You’ve been planning this party for months. You’ve pored over and agonized over every little detail. Cleaning the pool wasn’t a ‘little’ detail. How did you overlook it? Granted, you hadn’t expected to be traveling so much for work but still…. Does this sound familiar? Has this scenario ever happened to you? If this reads like a scene out of …Read More

Tips and Tricks for Proper Pool Maintenance to End the Summer

Anyone who owns a pool understands the importance of proper maintenance to keep the water clean and prevent damage that can occur due to neglect. Proper pool maintenance in Los Angeles is crucial at the end of the summer after the pool has been used frequently throughout the season. To improve the quality of your pool with Los Angeles pool maintenance, there are a few important steps to take. Skim …Read More

Getting the Right Los Angeles Pool Service for Your Home this Fall

If you own a pool, then it’s vital you take the proper steps to maintain it effectively. The chemicals and filter must be working correctly at all times to keep the water safe for you and your guests to enjoy. Although you can take steps to keep your pool in good condition, issues can still come up and cause problems. Inability to recognize these problems right away can give them …Read More

Keep Your Santa Monica Pool Sparkling with Residential Pool Care Services

We all like taking a dip in sparkling blue water on a hot summer day. After the day’s hustles, you want to lose yourself in the swimming pool for the water to sooth away the strain and stress. But how do you ensure that the water in your pool is safe for swimming? There are a few ways to keep your pool clean and sparkling all year round. Proper care …Read More

Proper Chlorine Techniques When Servicing Your Encino Pool

Chlorine and pH Levels will no longer be a concern of yours if you receive Professional Pool Service from Champion Pools. Carefree swimming should be the reward of your hard work all week long for your family and guests. When stepping outside to the sweltering summer conditions, relief has to be the only thought in mind. Concerns like the water being safe or too strong to swim in should not …Read More

Tips for Maintaining Your Calabasas Pool This Summer

In the summertime, Calabasas pool maintenance requires some attention. Here at Champion Pool Care, we have just the experience to help you keep your pool in tip top shape. For a clean and functional pool to use during the hottest time of the year, there a few tasks that need attention. Much of the local pool treatment in a community can be done by the owners themselves. Skim the Surface …Read More

How to Properly Balance Your Residential Pool in Studio City

Most people think that pool balancing is among the worst consequences of owning a swimming pool. If you are one of these worried and dismayed people, congratulate yourself. You have just found the best solution to your problems by visiting this site. We are going to show you how you can balance your swimming pool in an amazingly simple way. Measuring the pH PH is the measure of how acidic …Read More

How to Properly Maintain and Service Large Commercial Pools in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills has a high standard for commercial pool maintenance. Staying on top of the responsibilities involved in keeping your pool cool, sparkling, and beautiful for your guests and clients isn’t easy. There are many different moving parts to consider, and it might make sense to employ a professional hotel pool cleaning service to make sure that you’ve covered all the bases. But even if you employ one of the …Read More

The Importance of Regular Pool Cleaning and Treatment in Sherman Oaks

Are you in the market for a Sherman Oaks pool cleaning company? Perhaps with your busy lifestyle, or maybe a recent move to this community, you don’t see a need right now for local pool care. But pool services in Sherman Oaks are not something to take lightly. In this state, and in this community in particular, swimming pools can be as essential to a home as four walls and …Read More