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July 2016

Keep Your Santa Monica Pool Sparkling with Residential Pool Care Services

We all like taking a dip in sparkling blue water on a hot summer day. After the day’s hustles, you want to lose yourself in the swimming pool for the water to sooth away the strain and stress. But how do you ensure that the water in your pool is safe for swimming? There are a few ways to keep your pool clean and sparkling all year round. Proper care …Read More

Proper Chlorine Techniques When Servicing Your Encino Pool

Chlorine and pH Levels will no longer be a concern of yours if you receive Professional Pool Service from Champion Pools. Carefree swimming should be the reward of your hard work all week long for your family and guests. When stepping outside to the sweltering summer conditions, relief has to be the only thought in mind. Concerns like the water being safe or too strong to swim in should not …Read More